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Printed Signs & Banners

Signs & banners tell a story about your business, company or brand in a picturesque manner. It is one of the most effective and inexpensive methods to reach out to your regional client base. The vinyl banners, signs and posters can be easily installed on lamp posts, facades, windows, or simply clad on to walls. If you are looking for high quality display banners in Long Beach, CA, come to us at Safeway Printing. We offer premium quality material to be printed on so you can make an even better impression. 

Mesh Banner Printing

Mesh banners are made of a permeable material to help wind and air pass through. This way, you avoid needing wind slits that may distract from the image. They can be easily hung on chain-linked fences and walls, hung on poles and posts at busy traffic intersections. Ideal for outdoor spaces, mesh banners can be used to advertise products & services in big sporting arenas and fields. And, our quality manufacturing ensures that the ratio of vinyl to holes is 70:30, meaning 70% of banner material, and  30% holes. This helps in easy wind or air movement in an outdoor arena.

PVC Banner Printing

PVC is a lightweight, flexible and extremely durable material that is utilized by us for printing company Ads, event announcements, and other signage. They are perfect for indoor & outdoor sign advertisement. As opposed to it’s mesh banner counterpart, this material is non permeable, making it more durable and allows for a more solid image. 

Foam Core Signs & Printing

Foam boards or foam cores are perfect for making rigid signs that may stand on an easel or placed as a poster. The standard thickness of foam board signs are 3/16 in, with paper face on either side. They can be cut into custom shapes and sizes, allowing for creative freedom. These boards can be printed on directly or have media mounted upon it for a laminated finish. They act as great visual aids, and perfect for point-of-sale displays and indoor signage applications.

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are also referred to as yard signs and political campaign signs that can be perfectly utilized as outdoor advertising banners and signages. In the US, they are extensively used by political campaigners and product advertisers. Coroplast signs are lightweight, tough, weather resistant and waterproof. They can be used to promote a business, shop, restaurant, house for sale/rent, or for any other advert on the streets and boulevards.

Dibond Aluminium Signs

Aluminium signs and display boards are perhaps the most durable of all banners & signs. They last long, and are perfect for outdoor advertisement of any business, restaurant chain, product or brand. Simply because, they are able to withstand the harsh climatic conditions outside. Whether it be a valet parking sign or a roadside signage, you can now customize an aluminium sign for your business or shop. We make it affordably.

Any More Questions?

Simply, contact us on 562-498 1610, and get all your questions answered by our printing experts, regarding signs & display banners in a variety of designs and materials.