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Special Wraps
  • Special Wraps

Unique Specialty Wraps

If it’s got a smooth surface, we can wrap it! Wrapping special objects, items, commodities or wall space in attractive colors & style!

 SWP’s specialty wraps are customized for company vehicles, bike fuel tanks, panniers, tool box, commercial trucks, bus & pick-up vans. But we can go beyond that: from furniture, ticket counters, booths, walls to full body auto wraps.

SWP Specialty Wrap Long Beach

SWP can wrap almost everything in the most stylish and unique way. Vinyl is flexible, allowing the material to adhere to non-flat surfaces. This opens up wrapping opportunities, don’t let yourself be limited to displaying only on flat surfaces. 

Specialty Auto Body Wrap

If your vehicle is modified in a unique way, no worries! With some careful measuring an observation, we can adapt our plans to work out in your favor, ensuring a high quality install alongside the print. 

Any More Questions?

Simply, contact us on 562-498 1610, and get all your questions answered by our graphic printing expert, regarding our digitally printed specialty wraps in the laminated Vinyl coat.