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Wall Graphics & Digital Wraps

Move past posters and framed images. Transform office walls, retail ad spaces, exhibition walls and retail store barricades in a customized way with wall graphics & digitally printed wraps. At SWP, we wrap walls with fine quality laminated vinyl wraps that come in matte or glossy finish. With the latest UV printer technology our wall graphics tells a clear story about your company and brand. Vinyl wrapping any surface, whether it be wood, metal or mortar in your company branding color, logo, style and design is our operational forte. With a simple wall wrap you can push a space to appear more professional and modern than it was before.

Enhancing with Art

Safeway Printing provides credible and affordable solutions to big brands and businesses, but that does not mean it is limited ads and brand identity. Like any ad, artwork can be blown up and installed to create an immersive space that is much more than simply a company wall. 

Attractive Wall Decals

Not all wall wraps have to be full wraps. Like a car wrap, partial wraps are an option as well. Including some negative space can aid in creating an open yet active wall space. 

Any More Questions?

Simply, contact us on 562-498 1610, and get all your questions answered by our graphic printing expert, regarding digital wall graphics and retail barricades in the latest Vinyl finish.